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Kokborok (Kókborok) is the native language of the Tiprasa people’s of the Indian state of Tripura and while Hayung means the world. The word Kok stands for “Language” and Borok stands for “Human”, which is used specifically by the Tripuri people. Kokborok is closely related to the Bodo, Dimasa, and Kachari languages of the neighboring state of Assam. While Hayung means “World”.

● Native speakers: 1.5million (2011 census)
● Spoken by: Tripuri people
● Language family: Sino-Tibetan languages, Bodo–Garo languages, more
● Native to: India, Bangladesh
● Region: Tripura, Bangladesh, more
● The official language in Tripura

◆ Kókborok has been attested since at least the 1st century AD, when the historical record of Tipra Kings began to be written down. The script of Kókborok was called “Koloma”. The Chronicle of the Borok kings were written in a book called the Rajratnakar. This book was originally written down in Kókborok using the Koloma script by Durlobendra Chontai.

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